The Halyard Group was formed in response to a lack of personalized real estate services in Toronto’s east end.

We believe in honest and effective business practices driven by our clients’ needs.

With no wasted time, no passive strategy, and no ineffective marketing, we’re changing the game in Toronto’s real estate industry.

Why we started


How we put you first


We promise honest, fast, and direct advice based on what you really need.

With experienced professionals who truly listen to your goals and act in your interests, you’re always fully informed and you’re always the one in charge.


Behind the scenes, we’re making phone calls, touring the competition, drafting convincing copy, contracting repairs, and networking with agents for more information on how to get you what you want.

We never sit back and wait for the right person to find us. You and your home deserve a proactive team.


No missed phone calls, no unanswered emails, no waiting for information.

Once you’re a client, we promise to get back to you in 30 minutes or less.

Your time is valuable, and so we treat it that way.


We obsessively prepare, strategize, and analyze for the most effective course of action for you.

We’re fully engaged from start to finish. Ask us what we’ve done for you today.