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Staying or Selling

In any industry, there are multiple approaches to doing business.  For me, I’ve come to appreciate the advantages of playing the long game when developing anything of lasting value. Over the past year, the Halyard Group has been working to develop an advertising campaign that reflects the business and how we connect with past, present and future clients.  The basis of our ongoing campaign is “Staying or Selling”.  These three words sum up how we aim to engage and be of lasting value.


We’ve set out to be of service and value to any homeowner.  The reason we feel compelled to advertise this lasting service relationship comes from so many conversations that start with “I’m not interested in selling” the moment it’s known that I’m a realtor.  When properly called upon, a realtor is the best resource for any homeowner.  We know professionals for nearly everything you might need, and, in many cases, we use these services and products ourselves when preparing clients homes for sale. Most importantly, when we recommend a product or service, you can be sure that they are of the highest quality because these referrals reflect directly back on us.


This part is, of course essential, as it is the business.  We know that over a long enough timeline, most homeowners sell for various reasons, I’ll say never, ever, has a home been listed because a realtor asked if they wanted to sell.  Our goal is to be the trusted advisor you think of when the time is right for you or when someone asks if you know a good realtor. If you own real estate and you’re unsure how we can be of lasting service to you, give us a call for a no pressure conversation that DOES NOT involve any pressure to sell, just how we can help you better enjoy your home.

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With Chris' guidance and advice, I was able to completely transform my house when it was time to sell. I wish I had done this earlier so I could have enjoyed all the changes myself.

- Nina

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