David Ferris

Partner Agent

david@halyardgroup.ca | (416) 994 - 9313

Born and raised in Toronto’s East End and currently raising a young family downtown, I have developed a broad scope and authentic connection with all that our city has to offer. I love Toronto!  I love our lifestyle and culture, our parks and beaches, our restaurants and nightlife, our architecture new and old… I even love (regrettably) our Toronto Maple Leafs.

I am a hard working, self motivated go-getter who has spent most of my adult life in the music industry achieving great successes and riding out big dreams. While a large part of my previous career was independently entrepreneurial, I have always valued the importance of working with others to accomplish goals.  I truly enjoy working with people from all walks of life.  Becoming a real estate agent was a natural progression where I can continue to collaborate with clients to achieve common objectives. I love analyzing each individual situation and coming up with unique strategies that work… So let’s get to work!