The Halyard Group’s 8-Step Process

1. Where and What to Buy

The first step is deciding where you want to live, what type of home you’re looking for and what features are “must have’s” or “would be nice to have’s” in a home. Invariably, there will be trade-offs, but rest assured I’m here to help sort through the options to find you the best house, at the best price and with as many of your wants and needs as possible!

In parts of Toronto we will also have to deal with the under-pricing trend that has taken hold.  We will explain this practice and what it means for your search.

2. Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage, Deposits and closing costs

Before getting started with a mortgage, having a healthy deposit will be key to having a winning offer down the road.  Deposits are as much as 5% of the offer price and must be delivered as certified cheques or bank drafts.  This means you will need “cash on hand”.

Often overlooked are the closing costs associated with a purchase.  Land Transfer Tax is the biggest.  We will make sure this is a part of our initial conversation, helping you to understand what these costs will be so you can properly budget for them.

The mortgage industry is a highly competitive field and it is important to understand that interest rates can change at any time. Partnering with a mortgage broker or financial institution to help you find the right mortgage product at the best rate is key to your home buying process.

If you would like a short list of our preferred Mortgage Brokers we’re happy to forward their information to you.

3. Becoming an Educated Buyer

My exclusive Home Buyer Service Program will empower you with key market information and every possible advantage to ensure you become an educated buyer. Educated buyers are able to make informed decisions creating a stress-free and enjoyable home buying process.

4. Looking at the Right Properties

Saving you time and energy through the home buying process is one of our biggest goals. We sell real estate and we work hard to know as much about each property we show as possible before you walk through the front door.

We strive to e-mail you listings that best match your search criteria.  From that list we preview the properties that you have interest in as well as a few that we think could be a good match.  Only once we have all the important information about the property and have seen it ourselves do we book a showing with you.

The result of our efforts is that you, the Buyer, spend less time looking for the right property allowing you to stay fresh through a process that has enough stresses.

5. Making an Educated Offer

We sit with you and explain the paperwork in detail so you understand what you’re submitting.  Our team is constantly training to bring the best level of competence to the offers we write, protecting you the Buyer with well constructed clauses and clean, easy to negotiate paperwork.

We’re also well equipped to work with electronic signing with over 500 documents signed electronically a year, we know how to make the signing process a painless process.

6. Conditions, Home Inspections and Waivers

Time to satisfy the conditions. This usually involves performing a home inspection, getting the rest of your personal information, and the property information to your mortgage broker or bank, and arranging for the other information that might be necessary. I will help you make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly before the deadlines.

We don’t rush anything because we’re well connected with the right industry professionals.

7. Preparing to Move

Typically you will have anywhere from 30 to 90 days to get everything ready for your home. It could be shorter or longer, depending on what you need and have agreed upon with the seller. Ask us about our partnership with MoveSnap to help you transfer all your essential information and utilities over to your new address.

8. Move In— Enjoy! 

Once a client always a client.  One of the toughest parts of our job is not seeing my clients on a regular basis.  We love staying in contact with the people we work with so that they can always feel like we’re their “go to” for anything related to their home or real estate in general…or just grabbing a coffee or lunch!


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